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Night Tiles

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May 19th, 2007
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia steam
The guy with the cute D-Mod. 
I gotta admit, these tiles are pretty good! I saw the title 'Night Tiles' and I was thinking, "This is gonna suck!" So I downloaded it just to have a look and I saw they were excellent! I noticed that they were kinda purpley, but that just added to the effect!

I like these tiles because they could really be useful for someone wanting a night scene for their Dmod. (Like me) They really are excellent! I can't really say more than that! I did find one little problem though. The sand was kinda murky. And the water was a bit weird. Apart from that it was all good!

I think this file deserves a 9.7. But I'm really tempted to give it a 9.8...

So I will!