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... His Ancestor 1239

June 6th, 2002
Score : 4.3 tolerable
Peasant They/Them
Well, not very bad DMOD. The map is nicely designed. Also I liked intro movie. But there are a lot of hardness errors, bugs, and you cant find end. well, no, you can, but you dont know, is that end or not? Also there is one big problem- You dont know, where is the end of the map. There should be fence or even signs "End of the map". Also there should be sign when you end the game like "You finished his ancestor 1239 demo" But there also is no plot, so, you will never know, is that end or not, because no one will say, what to do next, also, there arent any one who can say "you finished the game, so leave me alone"....
But this is really not worst DMOD, it has a lot of nice screens, like the farmer farm...

OK, Graphics:
No new graphics, but screen are nicely designed. [8.0]
Sound: well, Idont heard any new sound....[7.0]
What plot? What you mean? There isnt guy named plot! (no plot)[2.0]

Overall: Thats it. You can download it, but I dont thik you will really like it..[4.3]