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June 2nd, 2005
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Hmm... no one has reviewed my file yet. I'll give it a shot.

Virtually anyone who has tried to create a dmod knows how annoying it is to keep Dink from being able to walk on top of houses. By default, these buildings have a rectangle of "hardness" which doesn't even come close to covering the neccesary parts of their non-rectangular images. This allows Dink to walk on the uncovered bits, which usually looks really stupid. For this reason, most dmods use special tiles or invisible sprites to create a "ring" of hardness around the base of houses: not doing so is considered shoddy craftsmanship.

Well, now aspiring dmodders have a file that creates this hard ring for them! All you have to do is copy two scripts to your story directory, and attach the hboxer.c one to all of your stone or goblin houses. Admittedly, I packed way too much stuff in here (it could be reduced to a single .c file), but I thought it was nice to show how it was created.

Pros: Eliminates a lot of annoying map-work.

Some potential bugs (Fortunately, in my tests, Dink doesn't get stuck if he walks "into" one of the created hard sprites from another screen; HOWEVER, given some things that Scratcher has mentioned about screenlocks, they may cause problems. I suppose the workaround is not to have houses near the edge of the screen if you're going to do a screenlock.)

Doesn't do church, log cabin, or weird multi-door inn-thingy. I may update.