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Happy Sunshine Land

Thank the gods for that spell.
December 27th, 2009
Score : 6.8 fair
Peasant Male
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Yes, the title says it all. I actually like the DMOD. You play as Dink in happy Sunshine land, go to a tea party thats a trap.


Rather nice. Dink is invited to a tea party, but the Demon is the host of it. The Demon kills Dink with uber spells. Even a spell that causes the game to die! It's pretty creative actually.



Horrible. Just horrible. The graphics are just weak tilesets made in MSPaint. The graphics do suck, but it really suits this DMOD. The game is un-serious, so, thats why these graphics suit it.



Short, funny, creative. I like it. The re-playability is actually rather high for me. I played this game quite a few times out of boredom and found it quite enjoyable.


So in conlusion, yes. I do like this DMOD. It sucks, but in a way that is quite interesting.