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Green Dwarf Graphics

Stopped, looking down.
August 30th, 2011
Score : 8.8 good
These here are graphics for a green dwarf, identical to the one in The Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Rings. This graphics pack is good, but some graphics are in .PNG format. Dink despises .PNG images. So converting them to .BMP takes away a lot of the quality and leaves it looking slightly bad. Not terrible, mind you, but still bad. And it would have been a lot less hustle if they weren't in .PNG format.
Nevertheless, the graphics that the most basic enemy/character would use (walk, attack, die) are in .BMP format. And these, admittedly, do look good. In fact they look excellent. The death graphics for this guy aren't bloody as you would think. They are quite bloodless and the folder is named "tipping over." Of course, you need to rename it to "DIE" for it to work as a death sequence if you're using him as an alternate character the lazy way.
There are also graphics for the idle, named "look", another idle named "stop" and of him attacking. The ones of him being attacked and such, though, are, as previously stated, in .PNG format. If you want to use them, prepare yourself to convert them to .BMP one by one.
There are no instructions or dink.ini lines either, which was a bit of a disappointment, but not by much.
Overall, nicely made graphics.