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Fall Trees

January 15th, 2003
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant Male
alright, after a little thinking and taking in consideration of my mistakes of what i thought about INI lines and these being released, i decided to redo my review.

3 trees I made that look good with Jame's Pearley's autumn tile pack. Simple to install, easy to use. I think the main drawback to these is that it didn't take me that long to make these, i took a simple graphics editor and changed the colors till they looked good, which took me very little time to make. Also, i could one of the trees should have been a bit more brown, which would have gone with the tiles a little better. Im surprised these were allowed to be releases since its so easy to do, but nobody had sent it in yet, and i hadnt seen it in any dmods yet, so it wasnt all that bad, but i still disgree with dethlord's score.

Not great in my opinion: 6.0