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Elves of Rathor

August 24th, 2004
Score : 6.5 fair
Noble He/Him United Kingdom
For a first d-mod, this shows a lot of promise. Most of the new graphics aren't too great, and look a bit out of place, but the beavers really are cool! You gotta love those beavers.

The story doesn't take itself too seriously, having the author send Dink on the quest, promising him a kiss if he completes it. And with a promise like that, you know Dink won't fail! And he won't because there are many potions littered about the map. They are fairly intelligently placed though, and you won't get bored searching for them.

Quite a few problems hold the d-mod back, with many depth and hardness issues (though not so many as to render the game unplayable).

With a bit of work, and a little more care taken over the map and encounters, Carrie could yet supply the community with a very good d-mod in the future.