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Elves of Rathor

November 4th, 2006
Score : 7.3 good
I'll be honest and say that I downloaded this D-mod exclusively because of the two screenshots up there. I wasn't expecting much in the gameplay department, and as it turned out, there wasn't much there. That isn't to say that Elves of Rathor has nothing to offer, however.


- Nice graphics, including some new ones. (There were some nice ones that had a hand-drawn look about them and their overall feel fitted in well. I especially liked the igloo and the new monster.)
- Great humor. (Sending Dink to Canada was nice, and the whole thing had a welcome "snappish" feel to it.)
- Excellent sound. (The music was great and the sound effects were even better. I especially liked the moose.)

- It was too short, but I suppose that's almost a compliment. I wanted more.
- The graphics are a mixed blessing. While I appreciated them, I can see how some others wouldn't like them.
- The gameplay is the same. I look at this as a humorously enjoyable time-killer. Someone expecting to have something scripted to actually DO in the d-mod would be disappointed.
- There wasn't really a story to speak of. You need to save a king's daughter. Meh.