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May 1st, 2022
Score : 6.4 fair
Peasant He/Him Hungary bloop
The nation above all 
This is Mike Snyder's second D-Mod. For one of the first, it has a few interesting features. But I can't say I'm a fan of some of its rougher aspects.
Story: Probably the most interesting part of the D-Mod. The author wrote a pretty good backstory for it about alternate universes and aliens. He even incorporated the story into one of the puzzles. And the D-Mod begins with a cutscene, one that can even be skipped. Pretty impressive feature for a D-Mod this early.
Mapping: Not exactly the strongest part, most of the time repetitive, especially the trees. But it is the first to use one of the tiles that I find appealing, the dark forest themed one, which later made it into Snyder's skeleton D-Mod.
Puzzles: I found them to be a mixed bag. The first ones, like using the jug of water and the one giving answers for the backstory are good. The one with the clue, and the way to get the dragon's tooth, while easily missable for some players, are at least solveable if you examine everything. But some of the others... like how was I supposed to know that I have to use the well with the jug for a third time? And how in the world would anyone figure out the music box one?
Graphics: The D-Mod comes with some new graphics. While I feel not all of them fit Dink's world (like the saucers), I appreciate the effort. I think some of them would be useful for D-Mods.
Sound/Music: While there are new MIDI files - some even are even Snyder's originals - I feel like they're not very memorable, average ones. I have to say, while many D-Mods use music from some other old games, and that could be considered lazy, they're often more memorable if the tracks themselves are good, even if not original. The problem is, you can make more effort to compose something original or license tracks that weren't used before for D-Mods, if they're not good and memorable, it kind of feels like a waste. I feel like this is what happened here.
Do I recommend this? It's not a bad D-Mod, but I feel like there are better ones to try. Though I feel like there are some people who might enjoy it. You might find the story inspirational for your own D-Mod, perhaps use some of the graphics. Or you might like the tie-ins with Mike's other D-Mods. Or you just want to try a better early D-Mod. Or maybe it was one of the first of your D-Mod's and you want to go back to it for nostalgia.