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One of the better looking screens from the D-Mod. 0, An example of a bad map screen from the D-Mod.
March 15th, 2004
Score : 2.5 horrible
A very short DMOD starting in a dream world tring to find your way home. Very simple due to the fact you start the game with the broken weapon of ass kicking, the throwing axe, whick somehow does 4 to 5 time the damage you are able to do ate your starting strength. Found lots of hardness errors. A 2 dimensional cliff with a maiden on the top asking for help that you can help. Your able to find all kinds of gold but there's nothing to spend it on. Was forced to turn off my speakers do to the repetive anoying music. Talking to the people seemed useless. I can understand the lack design skill if this was the authors first DMOD and is still geting into the designing.