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Dink Wallpaper 3

September 23rd, 2010
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant They/Them Australia
When it comes to the "fan work" category (which is a misnomer, as all uploaded files are made by fans of the game), it's often a shame to note how few files are there, and furthermore, how few of them are actually of any quality. This is by far my favourite drawing released in this category.

The author has drawn a Christmas themed illustration which depicts a Dink with a "bonca" monster, a mouldy pancake monster, and a bug all atop a white blob which is apparently snow. Above is a heart shape with the white text "Merry Christmas" imposed in the typeface of Comic Sans MS. The characters in the scene are all quite happy for some reason, and it looks like one of the monsters has knocked over the Christmas tree.

I like this because they are all drawn quite cutely and to a fairly high standard. The Dink character is drawn particularly well, though is depicted as being quite young for some reason. The Father Christmas hat on the monster is a nice touch as well.

There was much potential for something far better to be produced. Overall it tells no story by looking at it. I am unsure why the bug is unhappy, but the mouldy pancake is. If I had drawn it, I would have had the Dink throw a fireball at the Christmas tree making it burst into flames with the bug looking on in disbelief and shock as the nose-hair trimmer he had purchased for Dink starts to melt underneath. The black background may also make the viewer feel uneasy due to the background being devoid of anything which also does not provide enough contrast for the bonca in the foreground on my dark monitor. Furthermore I hate Comic Sans MS. It's a crap typeface that should never be used.

It also goes without saying that this is NOT for a desktop wallpaper, it's of the wrong resolution making it a misleading filename. Despite these flaws, I still like it a fair amount and hope that the author of this draws some more.