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Dink vs. Milder

The guy in the armor is Milder. From the COTPATD project.
June 17th, 2005
Score : 5.7 fair
Quite short...

Style: 5
The decoration is unimpressive, the conversation is quick to the point but not particularly amusing, few objects are scripted, and there is one new graphic. On the plus side, the music is good (mostly taken from Christiaan's pack.) As I've mention before, it's easier to appreciate a game's style if when the game lasts long enough to develop it (there are some exceptions to this rule, like AHP, but this is not one of them.)

Gameplay: 5

Story: 7
The story is sort of amusing. Milder is the only knight in town, so he owns all the girls (Libby seems to be the only one... except Dink's mom), but Milder ain't playin' the game right. Dink has to become a knight and dispose of Milder so that, er, Dink can own all the women (?) Good, in any case.

Overall: 5.7
Too small to really be of consequence; there's not a lot here.