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Dink Sound Reference

May 11th, 2011
Score : 7.0 good
'Tis a surprisingly useful .html file that lists all the sounds loaded in start.c and describes them, and as a strawberry on top, also the sounds that exist in the sound folder but aren't used in the game. As dressing on top of that strawberry, the file also lists the default speed that each of the sound effects plays in.

I did not think I would really use this file when I downloaded it. After all, you can just look the sounds up in start.c. To my surprise, however, I found myself referring to this thing quite often... It is faster to find them here than looking for the sounds in start.c, and certainly easier to distinguish each sound as Sparrowhawk explains what they sound like in an understandable enough fashion.

As this file is a web document, one huge improvement would be to add buttons in there that actually play the sounds, but even without such fidgetry, the sound reference is quite good and unexpectedly useful, if not a file that you couldn't live without.