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Dink Smallwood Source Code

July 22nd, 2013
Score : 8.9 good
So,here's the source to the original Dink Smallwood.

I believe Seth himself said that this should not be used as an example of good programming. This sure is true. Well,it's not that I would do any better,though.

If anybody's interested at how Dink works,this is a real treasure (if you don't get confused to death, that is).

It seems that Seth won't be "renovating" the code anytime soon, but if there actually is someone that is willing to do so, they should definitely try.

I'm not going to be too harsh to this piece of code,as it is a real classic.

Bottom line,the game works and with the historical (sentimental ?) value to it, I think 8.9 is a fair score.
In the end, this is what started it all.