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Corporate Managerialism

From the COTPATD project.
July 22nd, 2010
Score : 6.5 fair
More like - "Boredom Managerialism."

As the title suggests, you (or rather, "Richard," who is the main character) take over a company (in this case, an insurance company) and you try to turn it into a profit.... Otherwise, you die. I was hesitant to download this dmod, but decided I would try it out. I shouldn't of bothered. There were a few instances where it was comical, and made it a little bit better. But overall, it was rather bland and boring.

The graphics were ok. Nothing new. However, the author used them in interesting ways and made the map look very pretty. The map was done well. This was definitely the strength for this dmod. The bad part is that there were a few spots where I could walk off the screen. Also, in almost all the houses the insides lacked walls and doors. There were a few houses that didn't have doors, and you had to enter them through the back side of the house. This was annoying. There was also a lot of extra "random" stuff in the map that I was just like "huh?." I like the idea of the sky-scraper.
Score: 7.5

I didn't really encounter any bugs.
Score: 10

The story-line was alright. It was just boring. Basically, for the first part, you walk to the school, get an assignment, walk back home, do your homework, and then walk back to school. You repeat this process several times. I felt the the map was too big for a simple task like this. Especially without my herb boots. Once you graduate school, you try to turn a profit at the insurance company. I failed many times before I succeeded. It was good that it was tough, but sometimes I think it can be overdone. If you fail, you die. If you succeed, you win the game. Very straightforward.
Score: 6

There were bits of humor throughout the dmod, but the humor was all in the wrong places (with one exception). Humor is good, but you have to use it well. I'm picky when it comes to humor.
Score: 6

Overall Score: 7.3 minus .8 points for the "boriness"
Final Score: 6.5