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Cast Awakening Part 5: Revolution

From the COTPATD project.
April 8th, 2015
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Sweden bloop
Life? What's that? Can I download it?! 
An extraordinary piece of DinkC splendor: Cast Awakening Part 5: Revolution. This is a roguelike combat-oriented DMOD with randomized level content each time you play. It is also a wrap up for Dinky Dimensions/Cast Awakening/Ancient Legacy series of DMODs as stated in the description.

Revolution's strongest part is its gameplay. Since it's a roguelike, if Dink dies you have to start over from the beginning aka Permadeath. This may bring out frustration and anger in some gamers but since the floors and drops are randomized and you unlock more levels and achievements along the way... the game will be fresh everytime you start a new run and you get to keep progress data from previous runs.

Revolution's layout and mechanics mimics another roguelike game named 'The Binding of Isaac' very closely. redink1 has done a very good job reproducing BoI in the Dink engine. Each screen (or rooms) Dink visits consists of different interactable objects and screenlock enemies. You normally can't advance until you've defeated the enemies. When the enemies are defeated, Dink may be rewarded with a randomized drop. All these randomized aspects means that there is much luck involved if you want to beat the game. There are over 10 floors to beat!

Like all roguelikes, there are tons of unlockables to unlock along the way to make your forthcoming runs even more exciting, like new levels and achievements. You can track all your progress in the main menu. Another cool thing is that you can exit the game and continue the run where you left off!
Dink has some new stats in Revolution: Melee strength, Luck, Range rate and Range Damage. Range rate and range damage combined resemble the Magic stat in the original Dink and Luck makes good things happen more often, like ranged enemies delaying their attacks.

You can say a lot more about the gameplay, best you download the DMOD for yourself and find out the rest!

The music is randomized for each floor with over 300 midis to choose from! A great variety of songs too!

There are a lot of nice graphics in Revolution, most of them are enemy sprites from other DMODs or graphic packs like the Avoca. There are also a slew of different tiles used in the DMOD. The graphics are all appropriate for the current floor they are present in.

There are some game-breaking bugs present in the initial version of the game. Exploiting bugs can lead to overpowered stats and make the game very easy. Speaking of easy, the game is rather easy. A roguelike is usually very difficult and even though the author says it is hard, I didn't find it hard at all. A hard-mode unlock with reduced, or even no life drops at all? That's what I'd like!

This is a fantastic DMOD, my top one actually, since I'm a huge roguelike nerd in general! It deserves a top score of 9.6!