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Birth of an Empire

July 28th, 2003
Score : 7.6 good
Peasant Female Canada
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Birth of an Empire by George

The Good: A new hero(??) Karg(goblin). The Orbs were a nice touch. Some nice scenery, lots of pillbugs. Slimers and boncas plus of course the magicians and the introduction of the Fire Boncas. You also get sail a ship and kill water slimers.

The Bad: Many hardness bugs, many times my screen would freeze, Karg got stuck looking at the Fire Boncas. I did a lot of walking around looking for whatever, when whatever wasnít there. Whatís with the magic?? Didnít work for me at all. Enough save bots in the game, but a strange ending, as Karg (who kept changing characters) was left just standing there. No music that I could hear, but then again it could be my speakers.

Overall: A game that has left me more confused than the goblin.