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Applying Dink Palletes

July 1st, 2002
Score : 7.5 good
This is a short avi film to show people how to transfer any graphics file (even 24-bit) into a dink compatible one using MSPaint.

The good thing for this is that it is a movie and you can see exactly how you should do for your graphics file. In principle it is correct, but at least it should include a readme file to say this is ONLY good for MSPaint and might not be very good for large graphics file. It also a little too faster. I need to see it at least twice to get every step in the movie (and I have already known how to do it!). It might be a little annoying for people who really don't know how to do it because he might need to watch it a few times before he can get a feeling. Since it's so fast, it is practically not possible for people to try for themselves while watching this film. As SimonK's review said, a text description might be a good way to make it much easier to be learned. My Simple Graphics covers the whole content in this film while teaching you how to really "fix" your new graphics using Paint. Anyone who is interested in creating a new graphics without fancy imaging tools should check that file out.