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An Ancient Voice: A Tale of Four Sorrows

Dink is in a dream, a nightmare from his deepest fears. And when he wakes, his entire world is changed. His settled life replaced by deeply bizarre madness, and a strange white voice on his head...
Released:March 31st, 2020
File Size:1.41 MB
Release Notes:The final version.

Almost infinite gameplay, It took me about 7 hours to play from one end to the other. And that was only the first playthrough. Many alternate storylines converge to give Dink the hardest and most engaging adventure yet.

Thanks to everyone who answered my questions in Discord and TDN, without you this would be but a discarded piece of map in an equally abandoned dmod folder.
I used superwolfman's button pack! greatly useful!
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April 1st, 2020
Score : 8.4 good
Peasant He/Him Romania bloop rumble
I like Frutti Fresh 
Silverbarfman wrote a review for my recently released Shudinko file, so I thought it'd be only fair for me to write one for his creation too.

A tale of Four Sorrows is the best experience you'll get out of a dmod that has been released or will ever be released, hands down.
It is simply that good an experience. So good, in fact, I won't talk about the story at all. All I can say is:

The good:
-Revolutionary Gameplay

The bad:

So go ahead and have your feelings toyed with!
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