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Knight's Tale 2 (A)

March 10th, 2004
Score : 8.4 good
Peasant Female Canada
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A Knight's Tale 2 by SabreTrout

The Good: Jarvis is back again, and has brought his attitude with him. Had me laughing out loud in parts. Unlke Dink Smallwood, I think Jarvis is more controllable; maybe because of his size. Plenty of monsters to kill, and when it went abrupty from one scene to another..Jarvis and I thought alike. Some nice scenery and plenty of monsters to kill.

The Bad: OK, not enough save bots, and still money that never gets spent. again a few small hardness errors, but nothing that slowed us down, although some didn't seem to make any sense, never mind the *surprise at the end* (sabretrout clones..eeek)

Overall: A good romp, the 2nd in a triology.