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2004-02-20 10:03:24
I couldn't resist that joke , mostly because the first time I converted something that I had been working on for a month or so (animated water tiles) it looked so bad that I deleted the whole project . I like to use the gimp , xnview and articons pro (it is a icon program but lets you make and import images up to 3000x3000 and has better graphics effects than a lot of other graphics programs) . Try to stay away from objects with a lot of shades of blue (like water) . I have found that the Dink palette favors the colors in the green and red range . I have about 7 projects going so their is a good chance that something I am working on could be useful to you . PM me if you want some more specific advise .

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Elemental SwordsDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.4February 4th, 2004
Portal Graphics PackDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.6December 14th, 2003
Lightning SpellsDevelopment, GraphicsExceptional 9.2December 10th, 2003
Cemetery Graphics PackDevelopment, GraphicsGood 7.1December 7th, 2003