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Cemetery Graphics Pack

A graphics pack containing several cemetery graphics, including headstones, fences, and a gate.

*Best download of december 2003*
Released:December 7th, 2003
File Size:43.71 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
March 8th, 2004
Score : 5.3 fair
Peasant Female
Purpose: This graphics pack consists of nine graphics to make a fence and eight graphics of headstones for graves which all can be used in a D-mod.

Good: The graphics look stunningly good. With the graphics for the fence you can make a fence with a closed or an open gate. They indeed make a nice fence and though they do not go that well with houses or a castle, I found that they go exceedingly well with the church. Making a graveyard next to the church is now very easy! The shadows are correct and there are two different kind of graphics for the part of the fence next to the gate, both left and right. If you would use the normal part of the fence, you would see shadows on the gate that do not belong there, hence the other graphics that do not have those shadows.
The headstone graphics are of the same quality as the fence graphics. They come in eight different shapes.

Not so good: None of the graphics have the right hardness so before they can be used in any D-mod the hardness has to be set. Newbies may find this very hard or even pure impossible to do.
The headstones are of course used at the head of graves and that is the drawback on these graphics, since there are no grave graphics and none of the original graphics can do the job. The only other grave graphics I know of are the ones from Stone of Balance and they are designed to look good in a desert surroundings and already have a cross as headstone, so you can not use those to make a grave.
The readme file does not tell you how to put the graphics in the editor so newbies will perhaps have a hard time figuring that out.

Overall: A 9.5 for the quality of the graphics, a 1 for the fact that none of them have correct hardness. I used those two numbers to make up the score.

Fit for: If you can adjust the hardness and you need a graveyard, this is a very good file to download.