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2006-09-28 21:27:41
Well it may not make the most sense but the only script that is unusual that may be causeing problems that I can think of
is the PP indicators.
Try commenting or deleting the line that starts it in the beginning in the "start-1" script:

The PP indicator is not really neccesary anyway and was added last minute.


After more testing It seems that it is very likely you are just not waiting long enough...
it is not all typically done so it may take longer to load at the first screen switch then you are used to.

Count to 60 or look at a watch. If you put the screen out of focus during that time; as with all d-mods; it will stop loading so then it won't work. It should take less then 60 seconds but if you want to find out if it is actually working or not you might want to wait that long just to make sure.

Another Edit:
It will show the text (as white probably) still even for a while after it is dark because the text is still being spawned untill the screen fully switches.

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