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Peasant Canada
I'm a factory worker in Alberta Canada. I Have 4 kids, two of whom are trying to learn how to make a game. A bit too young yet though.
I've been away a long time, but somehow the Dink network still feels like home.

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2003-06-18 18:07:04
Peasant Canada
When I used to play pen and paper AD&D a high level cleric was allowed to ceate his own spell.
Power word orgasm. Yup. Then when we would meet a vampire or some deamon he'd point at them and say "CUM !" and they'd get all distracted giving us the initiative.Of course if they made thier saving throws, they'd just kinka walk funny. I'm not sure how to script 2 pillbugs getting rude with eachother though.
Or how about a distraction spell that causes each creature to attack another sprite at random?

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Windemere Graphics PackDevelopment, GraphicsGood 8.0January 31st, 2006
Dink Models ( .Blend )DevelopmentExceptional 9.0January 5th, 2006
BlendTutDevelopment, TutorialExceptional 9.5November 27th, 2005
ChaosD-Mod, RompFair 6.3August 31st, 2004
Bane of the MagiD-Mod, QuestGood 8.5June 29th, 2004

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Hard To Rate This Windemere SourceNormalGood 7.0January 4th, 2006
Very Nice Grass to Pavement/Stones TilesNormalGood 8.0June 30th, 2002