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Peasant Canada
I'm a factory worker in Alberta Canada. I Have 4 kids, two of whom are trying to learn how to make a game. A bit too young yet though.
I've been away a long time, but somehow the Dink network still feels like home.

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2004-07-08 21:53:43
Peasant Canada
Yes, but....
when graphics are 24 or 32 bit color, and each creature has over 100 frames,( about 8 frames *8 directions, * 2 for attack seq..ect) you'll quickly find that all possible graphics may exceed 100 MB easily.
The basic engine needs graphics for all the basic people and stuff for a town, forest and a cave. But we'll probably want graphics packs with more specialised stuff that may download separatly. Like a roman gladiator pack, or an underworld pack that one or more mods can access. Yes naked fairies can go in the beach bunny pack.

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Windemere Graphics PackDevelopment, GraphicsGood 8.0January 31st, 2006
Dink Models ( .Blend )DevelopmentExceptional 9.0January 5th, 2006
BlendTutDevelopment, TutorialExceptional 9.5November 27th, 2005
ChaosD-Mod, RompFair 6.3August 31st, 2004
Bane of the MagiD-Mod, QuestGood 8.5June 29th, 2004

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Hard To Rate This Windemere SourceNormalGood 7.0January 4th, 2006
Very Nice Grass to Pavement/Stones TilesNormalGood 8.0June 30th, 2002