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2022-08-08 12:37:37
Peasant They/Them Finland
[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

Hi, could someone please tell me if I've missed something along the way: I got a light sword and another flaming one and I think that I reached the main goal /shock of the game. My issue is a pile of wood that is in my inventory. I got it from a logger but I did not find any use for them? My save game data at Undersea Volcano says 75% and for me that number looks a bit low if there is only a few screens left. Please tell me if there is more to be explored?

ps. sorry for posting here, but I'm not able to begin a (new) File Discussion at the DMOD page, where they usually are located at.

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A Dmod - an epic journey through vast maps A DmodNormalFair 6.1March 7th, 2021

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