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2002-08-19 09:26:51
: :   *SIGH*, one day I wanna learn C++, just so I can get back to the fantastic days of text adventures, and I can recreate "Fantasy World".

: :  BASIC was fun, but can anyone give me some simple tutorials on how to program in C++? I'll probably get Dethlord to help, but I think I got C++ on CD somewhere (or some variatoin of it) so I can get back to those golden days.

: :  I must say Jamie (don't take this the wrong way), that surely all of those programs have been in the last couple of years, simply because, being only 12, more then that and your brain couldn't handle it.

: :  I can't remember the exact age I started learning BASIC, I think it was a VERY gradual process from using my ZX Spectrum (The best comp EVER : Did anyone else have GhostBusters or Thundercats?) which progressed from when I was only about 4 till I was 15, thoughI never desired to learn much beyond text adventures.

: I'll teach the basics of python, which is soooo much cooler than C. It;s easy to use, powerfull, Object oriented, you dont have to compile it (but you can), there is heaps of documentation online, a few free books for it, comes with heaps of plugin modules... email me if you want some help...

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