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2002-10-29 04:57:22
: :  "sure lyna's story has some cool graphical modifications, and sure SOB has a nice challenging story, and sure FIAT is um, pretty long, and has some cool boss level things, but these will soon be nothing...

: :  okay okay, i still havent released anything mind blowing, although i have claimed to make 3 epics already (or started) 1 was never finished and 2 were lost mid-way. and sure, i still havent done much with apocalype crew... but just you wait

: :  i introduce BLOODLORDS which will be the greatest DMOD ever made, let alone the greatest video game of all time. soon the dink network will be called the BLOODLORD network and everyone will aspire to make DMODS like that.

: :  i will be on national news, magazines, i may very likely get my own movie. so stay tuned, i will have upcomming DMOD info up soon.

: : and yes, bigshots... be scared, be very scared."

: : maybe.... but you atleast can think of a better name...

: for the dmod that is...

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Darkspace DerelictD-Mod, Miscellaneous, UnfinishedFair 5.8October 27th, 2002