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2002-08-05 14:32:01
: : Im going to make a new space fight 3d dmod. Im gonna test the dink engine. The graphics will look silly at the first demo but it will be improved. Btw. You cannot move the ship, you only need to move the cannons to kill the ships. Easy. Im gonna make it in my own. To bad dink only supports 256 colors. Wish me luck.

: [Rant Mode: On]

: I wish people would only announce projects that they've finished or are close to finishing... otherwise everything becomes a blur of mindless hype.

: I mean, already we've been deluged by innumerable announcements for new projects, by yourself, imacrazyguy, and others.  And yet, we've seen very little results.

: Look at Tyrsis; she released something dang cool today.  Did she tell everyone about it however-many days/months ago when she first started on it?  Nope.  She probably didn't know if it would even work out good at all... and so she finished it before announcing it at all.

: So please, announce projects that are completed or at least close to completion... I truly doubt this will ever be released in any form.  You can, of course, prove me wrong and make me look like a fool, which should be pretty fun

: [Rant Mode: Off]

I agree with redink1. I've been a little evil myself, talking about my project and such, but then again, atleast I had some screenshot to show :/

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