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2003-07-16 05:21:01
now, I was thinking of how true color graphics could help the filesize of a dmod,

first thing I was thinking was, most people when making new monsters just tint them witha new color, This is a bad approach and a waste of space when making new graphics..

in a 32-bit enviroment any sprite/terrain could be color-tinted either from start or in real time, meaning, any monster could have any color without having to add any new graphics files, it could also be given cool ghostlike transparency or similar without having to add new graphics..

Also, with some inbuilt 2d particle system or similar you wouldn't have to add graphic files to the dmod to make magic effects, heck, you wouldn't even have to be an artist to make cool new magical effects..

It'd all be there and easy to use, and making such things would use nearly no space at all..

this would cut down the filesize on any dmod having colored terrain, colored monster, or even new magic from nowdays to maybe half the size, I say this is a great thing for anyone on a modem..

Also, to go deeper into the mp3 support, (This will most likely be ogg instead)
well, Every sound effect could then be compressed to a tiny size, while at the same time having higher quality of the sound effects..

This could also cut down on filesize..

I know some of you are afraid of people using it for music, But thats something that can be done with wavs nowdays aswell, And that cant be helped.. midi support would still be left in ofcourse..

now as for new graphics.. I've been thinking like this: if and when higher bit graphics are supported I will work on a new set of graphics, proffesional quality aswell , containing a medium amount of fantasy enviroments.. some dungeons, some landscapes, and several sprites..

a sort of a main graphics pack, a one-time download..

just like the main graphics for dink, meaning you'd only have to download it once and everyone could use it for making new high-color dmods..

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