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2002-07-24 09:31:21
: I really don't want to spend pointless hours on why I'm posting this due to the fact that I have left. I completely forgot about posting something like this, so I will do it now. I won't bother replying so you shouldn't either. Also, I've seen the Dink Network change once again, looks cool RedInk1!

: So then, I will be talking about what I think of all of the members that stick out alot. If you want to know what I think of you, then scroll down and look for your name, I've only selected the main people from the Dink Community that I know actually exist, so sorry if I have missed anybody out, it's entirely my fault...

: Let's start off with DethLord

: DETHLORD - A very kind person, that if you know him well enough will stick up for you in all situations. He has helped me out endless amounts of times and I thank him greatly for that. No matter what everyone else thinks, he never changes his opinion of me, thanks dude

: SABRETROUT - Can be really cool at times, however when something does not go his way, he will try and find every last way to flame you for it, including teaming up with the Dink Network to make them beleive him. On bad day he really sucks.

: Tal - Can be cool, and can not be cool, simple

: RedInk1 - Well then, I feel as if RedInk1 really likes newbies and all the little people, and he highly respects them. I like that, he also likes people that respect him, that is also very good. However, when something goes wrong in his community, and everybody decides on just one thing, then he will join their side. He liked me, but when everybody started flaming me thanks to SabreTrout, he decided to team up with all of those flaming me

: SimonK - I think SimonK kind of cheats for the DOTM awards and such and such, but I do like his D-MODS anyway. I think that SimonK is a very good top quality D-MOD author, one of those that will soon end up in the line of people like Mike Snyder and Gary Hertel, etc. Overall a really cool guy.

: WC> - I can like WC at times, and I can hate WC at times. However, I mostly like WC due to the fact that if you have nobody to turn to, WC will hear you out, and will sort out your problems. He'll make a good daddy, lol!

: Kat - Now, Kat's been kind of "outside" on arguments and conversations, kind of just adding stupid funny things to them, due to this reason I have no reason to dislike Kat, she's a kool krazy old lady from Canada

: ELDRON - I don't talk to Eldron too much, but from what I have, he's a very good artist and a nice guy to talk to can be impatient at times though...

: Person - As soon as he got to this community he read the posts, and automatically prevented people from flaming me. I really liked how he did this and thank him greatly. Great guy you got here!

: Dukie - I haven't known you for long either, but I know that there are no bad qualities, apart from his habits, about him. Cool guy

: Kyle - I think I've only ever talked to Kyle once, at my 1st and only Dink chat. There, I discovered some of the qualities tha followed him... He's a smart Dinker, and if good as a staff member. He is very patient and very kind!

: Tullisti - Well, I've had good and bad experiences with Tullisti, a good handful of them were bad, I think he's self-explanitory

: Paul - I don't know you

: Tyrsis - Made a rocking D-MOD, that's about it

: TheProphet - The prophet is a cool guy with the signs of a really great D-MOD author in him. He's working hard on his main D-MOD at the moment, and that is also a very good sign, keep up the good work!

: Jveenhof - A good laugh

: Annex1 - My webmaster, he rocks!

: Heck, I have a bad memory and can't remember you all so there's bound to be people I've missed, these are ones that I think stick out the most. L8R guys.

hihi, my name was in caps!! is that good or bad?

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