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Recent Release Rumble Q2 2012

Recent Release Rumble Quarter Two Two Thousand And Twelve!

Ta Skully.

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As the world, according to some, is slowly coming to an end (only two more quarters or so to go), it is time once again for the Recent Release Rumble!! Only two development files and one D-Mod were released this quarter. Therefore the D-Mod which automatically wins will be Quest for Dorinthia: Special Edition by Bill Szczytko! Congratulations Bill! I actually had a lot of trouble deciding whether Quest for Dorinthia: SE should be included in this RRR, since it's technically just a new version, not a new D-Mod. But it was uploaded as a new file, and without it, we wouldn't have had ANY D-Mods in this RRR, so I decided it deserves to be in.

Basic rules of the RRR:

1) You can vote for one D-Mod and for one Non D-Mod file. You cannot vote for two D-Mods or two Non D-Mod files.
2) Voting is done by posting a reaction in this topic with your choice.
3) You can not change your vote. So make sure you think before voting!
4) Only "well known" members are allowed to vote. This means that no ghosts or really new accounts can vote. This is done to prevent people from voting with alternate accounts.
5) Discussion about the files is encouraged. But please, no spamming or attacking other members!
6) The two D-Mods and two Non D-Mod files with the highest amount of votes of each RRR will participate in the Download of the Year Awards for their respective category in february next year.

So get to voting. It will be an interesting battle between these two files. Voting ends in a week or two.

The choices for this RRR include all non D-Mod files released between April 1st and June 30th. The choices are:

Non D-Mod files:

Key Codes for Dink Excel spreadsheet by Talon65442

Prelude MP3 by Joshriot & Scratcher