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Pollocracy twenty-two: Long time no see

It's been a while hasn't it? But after nearly exactly two years it is time for another pollocracy!

Check the comments for the full story.

So... Many of you might not even be familiar with this but for many years your humble pollmaster has gathered some of the best comments people leave in the polls and posting them in a series of articles. Unfortunately recently activity has been a bit... Limited..

But let's not dwell on the past and start looking at the... Uh... Past 14 polls?

Poll 296: Favourite noble gas?

3) I'm choosing Xenon because you can get Xenon compounds, even though it's a noble gas. This isn't funny, but I find it interesting.
2) I wonder how many comments will be the same recycled jokes about elements
1) Studies have shown that smelling farts cures cancer. True story.

Poll 297: What will you do now that Trump has been elected president?

3) Here come dat wall!
2) the real question is: is trump hearts, diamonds, spades, or clubs?
1) I just won't have popcorn because of the increased prices due to the loss of labour and butter

Poll 298: Favorite color of the rainbow?

3) I see Red! See Red! See red!! Violet is just the invention of an over rated arrogant man who claims to have discovered gravity - ha!
2) Where the heck did Indigo go? Dancing?
1) Someone gave me this funny pill. Now there's cyan rainbows evertwhere I look, wheeee

Poll 299: 2017:

3) Definitely getting old - did you know Mariocart on the N64 was released 20 years ago? Madness
2) I was seven when I first played Dink. I turn 25 this year; phew!
1) I was going to vote "Happy new year!" but then I realized ten years have passed since I became a Dinker!!

Poll 300: What are you going to give for Valentine's day?

3) If someone were to make Dink Smallwood undies I would give so many of them to myself.
2) Why are "Dink Smallwood undies" and "something romantic and special" separate choices? Surely there is NOTHING more romantic or special than that <3
1) my dignity

Poll 301: X marks the spot:

3) Whoa, someone reviewed ALL the Dmods?
2) Yarr, there be treasure here under this here X.
1) Just remember, X is typically used as a placeholder for an animal's butthole in drawings. Exercise caution.

Poll 302: What do you think about the bloop the fish contest?

3) A) Think it's an april fools' joke. B) Make a D-Mod in 12 hours to fool Redink back. C) Have Redink turn it into an actual contest. Grrrr! You win this round, Mr. Walma.
2) I'm at least more excited about this than project scorpio.
1) I'm not allowed to think.

Poll 303: How much attention do you give to people's tagline?

3) There are disappointingly few taglines about duck beheading.
2) same amount of attention i gave ur mom last night HAbooya
1) Back in my day, we called them "Locations" and filled it with whatever we wanted boy howdy.

Poll 304: Have you ever written a review on the Dinknetwork?

3) I've only written reviews on D-Mods, not the Dinknetwork. I imagine I would give the Dinknetwork a 10.
2) Following previous examples, I rate this poll at 42 ducks out of cookie: There, I've now written a review on the Dinknetwork. (signed, a Ghost)
1) Why review when I can just replay "Quest for Cheese" instead?

Poll 305: I am not a robot

3) I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!
2) that's true, a robot would probably lead a far more interesting life.
1) of course like your website however you need to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very troublesome to tell the truth however I will definitely come again again.

Poll 306: Are you popular right now?

3) 'Bout as popular as a duck-punched head in a barbecue.
2) my totally "not brainwashed" sercants(no not slaves at all) say i am
1) Dontcha wish your girlfriend was a bot like me.

Poll 307: Welcome in 2018!

3) Yay! Let us hope this year we won't have a poll about robots that decides to hang on the site for half a year.
2) I resolved not to make any resolutions. Clearly, I've failed...
1) It's January 23 but I'll be damned if I let the Sun tell me what year it is!

Poll 308: Can you come up with a plot twist?

3) Unless "You expected a plot twist and there wasn't one" counts as a plot twist.
2) Plot twist: this website gets shut down before the contest finishes.
1) Plot twist: the poll guy actually changed the damn poll.

Poll 309: What's your favorite voice assistent?

3) The voices in my head
2) This is so sad. *Manually plays Despacito*
1) how could you forget microsoft sam...

Thanks for bearing along with this ultra-long edition. Hopefully see you again in less than two years!

PS* I do realize 14 polls in two years is a bit... Scant. Unfortunately real life sometimes gets in the way, it's kind of addicting...