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Pollocracy twenty-one: Stable Stupor

And out of nowhere a new pollocracy appears! Welcome to the twentyfirst edition of Pollocracy, where your humble pollmaster shares some of the best comments of the past 8 or so polls with you.

Check out the comments for the whole story.

I know I said the last 8 or so polls, but I've been postponing writing this article for some time now, so unfortunately you'll have to make do with 11 polls instead. This also means you'll start out in march, what that means you'll have to figure out yourself. But without further ado: Here are some of the best comments submitted by all of you for the last 11 polls.

Poll 286: What do you think about march?

3) I think you have to beware the ides of it
2) Alice March IS pretty hot, I guess.
1) march is the most boring name. I mean, at least with Explodeburary you've got some action in the name!

Poll 287: What do you think about terrorists?

3) behead those who insult terrorism
2) Can't we just behead ducks like in simpler times?
1) Kill all ducks! Kill everything that looks like a duck!

Poll 288: Past, Present or Future?

3) Future, definitely. Typing this one hour before dinner.
2) I'll stick with the present, cuz in this time period people still have the hope that trump wont become president.
1) Yes, I'd like a present, thank you very much.

Poll 289: What's your Panamese off-shore company called?

3) Tal's Tiny ToysŠ
2) I'm going with Oinkers because I feel there's still puns to be made where David Cameron and pigs are concerned.
1) was stuck between Dinky Banana's and DDC inc so why can't we choose both?

Poll 290: Favourite cardinal direction?

3) I just felt sorry for South with only 1 vote
2) West. Kanye West.
1) "East" because one letter from "Eat". A lot better than "Wet".

Poll 291: There should be free lunch!

3) If the Dink Network offers free lunch then who am I to say no? Can I behead the duck, though?
2) If I had Mexican for lunch, and Donald Trump is elected, does that make my lunching illegal?
1) Last time I saw a lunch, the papers were talking about it for weeks. The deathtoll was unthinkable.

Poll 292: Have you ever tried making a DMOD?

3) I've been locked up in an insane asylum ever since...
2) A DMOD is a lot like a bird: It makes good company, but poops all over your desk.
1) Yes, and I'll finish it someday *strokes long white beard*

Poll 293: How would you prefer COTPATD the book?

1) I will have to forgo my funny comment for this poll. Can't wait for this book. R.I.P. Tim. <3

Poll 294: What do you think about Pokémon Go?

3) I like whipping out my pocket monster
2) Where's the "Death to the believers AND unbelievers!" option?
1) Who is Mongo and why is everyone trying to poke him? Seriously? All I see is #pokemongo every where? Why poke Mongo?!

Poll 295: Are you hyped for the paralympics?

3) I've already broken my legs so I can participate
2) I'm paralyzed with excitement
1) Only thing better than winning gold at the paralympics is being able to walk.

Poll 296: Favourite noble gas?

3) I read "krypton" as "gryphon" and thought we were gonna get a cool poll about mythical creatures. Seriously, we need more mythical creatures in our daily poll lives!
2) Argon was in Lord of the Rings
1) those other "gasses" don't stand a chance against the nobleness of a royal fart

And that's all for now. I was really pleased with the number of really good comments I could use this time around.