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New File: Dink Smallwood v1.08 - Release Candidate 6

Dink Smallwood v1.08 has withstood yet another round of testing, and is a bit stronger from the ordeal.

As before, this is a release candidate, which means that if no bugs or errors are found in the next week or so, this will be the final version.

So, if you find something that doesn't seem to work quite right, and it isn't listed under 'Known Problems', please post a reply to this thread, even if you've told me about the same problem before.

This will hopefully be the final version of 1.08. It has been used for a month with only minimal problems, and unless I botched this version, I think this is it.

Full Install - RC6 (15.3 MB)
Patch - RC6 (1.5 MB)

For a full list of changes since Release Candidate 5, please view the comments.


* Dink: Fixed bug where interrupting a moving sprite could cause it to walk through hardness.
* 442 - Removed alk tree script from the tree, so nuts did not appear out of thin air when hit with a fireball.
* Included map changes reported in RC5, but not included in the install exe files.
* DinkC Reference - tweaked the descriptions for 'hurt' and 'sp_custom'.

Known Problems

* Fades may be slow in true-color mode even if you have fairly recent hardware. Most people seem to be lucky.
* Dinkedit has, and forever will, crash if you type in really big numbers. You should know better.
* Dinkedit may crash if opening certain D-Mods with a dink.ini from WDE 1.1-1.4. Try using an older version of Dinkedit, such as that included with the v1.07 patch, or use WinDinkedit.
* Fades may rarely turn a 'mauve' color in full-screen mode, and be slower than normal.