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Is Dink Dying?

Since the beginning of time (or about two years ago) many people have stated that the Dink Smallwood community is dying out.  This article looks at the question from a (hopefully) unbiased viewpoint.  There is some text below all the graphs, so be sure to scroll down.


The original graphs have been removed... they broke the news system.


I'm not that good at analyzing numbers, but here it goes.  It looks like after a somewhat steady decline (in pretty much every area) that the numbers may eventually even out and be steady.  Although, it could mean that everybody will be gone in 12 months.


One bright thing to look forward to is the really good D-Mods that are planned.  Stone of Balance is coming up soon, Guards Guards looks interesting (though having a humongous town might make for too much wandering), Crossroads looks to be the next Quest for Cheese (the humor element anyway, gameplay wise completely different), The Dink Hotel looks to set new standards in innovation, Questgate seems cool like Jedi Knight (the way you can be bad or good), and the rest look good as well.  Oh, and FIAT will set a lot of new ground in some direction or something.  Hopefully.  At least FIAT should be quite long (and hopefully not tedious ala Dink's Doppleganger).