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Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods: Volume 2 Available Now

Crazy Old Tim Play All The D-Mods Volume 2: 2005- 2015 Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods Volume 2: 2005 - 2015 is now available to purchase. This volume weighs in at a svelte 398 pages. For more details, please visit our book page.

For those of you who missed the announcement about Volume 1 and haven't been around the Dink Smallwood community for a few years, something really cool happened a few years ago. Tim Maurer (aka CocoMonkey) decided to play through every D-Mod ever released, and write about his experiences as he went. He decided to call this project 'Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods' (COTPATD). Along the way, he covered all 355 D-Mods, and wrote just under 300,000 words in total. His writing was pretty darn brilliant, and was witty, thoughtful, personal, and hilarious.

Some examples:
  • "You know, about 15 minutes into hitting the same bitch-ass duck with a sword, its blood spattered everywhere, you get way too reflective." (Lost in Dink)
  • "Oh my, yes. It may have taken several months, but at last somebody released something as bad as the utter dreck I vomited up back in August of 1998. *Sniff* Iím so proud." (Mike Dingwell's First D-Mod)
  • "My brains turned to mush and I soon began to fail to follow it. There are a lot of words being spoken, but not a lot happens. Iíve read Proust and it was more exciting than this." (Bishop's Quest Part 1: Enter the Hero)
  • "In The Promenade, Bill circles around the cluster again and again, moving subtly toward and away from the crowd in the curves of his movements. Each time, the hive, inhuman and mindless, erupts rapturously in a spray of blood, a hail of axes, a cloud of numbers. They will not turn on each other; they do not even notice each other. In this stage, they are one being, with only one purpose. An occasional confused element will fly off in some random direction, but Bill does a miniature Corral to return them to the cluster, which gets smaller and smaller." (Bill & Kill 3: The Terrible End)
  • "Iím sorry. I know that it may seem kind of corny. I know that Iíve 'opened up' and blabbed about my personal issues here probably more times than I should have. But this game, this community and this project have mattered a lot to me, and this little ending just poked me in all of those places in my brain where it matters, it turned on all the switches labeled 'meaning' tucked away in those odd locations, those long-forgotten hallways." (Cast Awakening Part 5: Revolution)
All of these great quotes, and more, can now be shipped straight to your door and sit on your bookshelf (for a little bit too much money).