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Carnage Contest 2011

Get your editors at the ready for the latest "MURDER / DEATH / KILL" rampage created by ... ... ... YOU!!

MsDinkys * CARNAGE CONTEST 2011 *

See the comments for all the gory details!

1. There must be Carnage LOTS of CARNAGE!
2. 2 months to complete (Closing Date = 12th April 2011)
3. Any setting.
4. Must have at least one new thing incorporated whether it is weapons, magic, sprites, fighting system. Anything new - use your imagination!
5. The one thing in point 4 (minimum of one) needs to be new to Dink OR previously developed by someone else, but not used in any actual dmod yet. (This means if you are not creative, you may choose your new "thing" from one of the awesome development files already out there (like poison status, armour demo, new death seq, graphics etc)that others have developed - only if those files have not been used in any actual previous dmod before the starting date of the contest).
6. Your dmod may have already been started (and may be redefined to fit the criteria of this contest) BUT it cannot be a dmod you have previously uploaded in any form.
7. Romp sized (may be large romp)
8. More Carnage did I mention you MUST have CARNAGE...
9. Your entry must be completed - no demos will be accepted
10.Team efforts welcome but only one prize per placing but a minimum of 4 entries before we "have a contest"!.

Your efforts will be rewarded in the following manner:
Guaranteed Prizes: plus a certificate dripping in blood
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
1. The above will be as chosen by a panel of judges selected by staff.
2. A 4th prize will be a "Community award" (awarded to the dmod the community likes best)
3. Votes accepted from known forum users who have had an account from the begining of January 2011 or earlier
4. You may NOT vote for your own file in the "community award" section. Well you can, but it doesnt count!

My hope is that you will use your creativity to its limit and there will be a huge number of entries: Prize choices will be offered to the winners. Don't overextend yourself - leave time to complete your entry!

Go go go!!