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Awards: November Results, December Voting Starting

The Awards section has been treated rather like a neglected banana in a bowl of oranges... you know that someone will have to eat it, but its starting to smell sickly sweet and has these weird brown gooey spots on it.

Firstly, congratulations to SimonK, for winning the November 2003 DOTM with Dink Goes Boating! For some reason, I completely forgot to tally the November results until just now, and nobody reminded me to do so.

Secondly, the December 2003 Download of the Month is belatedly awaiting your vote of destiny. Not too many files were released last month, but you will find a few cool graphics packs, a stand-alone Dink based game, and a genuine D-Mod. Voting will end sometime around the 19th (of January... I think), so hurry up.