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June 13th 2006, 06:14 AM
Bard Male Netherlands
I object 
1. "Were you upset that the poll was not changed in quite some time?" Oh god, yes, Yes, YES!! For crying out loud, it hasn't been changed for like 2 months already. -Also, that is a terrible poll question because every day that I see it left there I keep wishing that I could change my respones to "verily".
Ah, glad I'm not alone in that respect...

2. The Staffers are never on much
Well, what do you expect? Some staffmembers have a social life as well.

3. They aren't terribly helpful... unless your a living banana or something...
Maybe that's because you never ask anything? I think they're pretty helpful, as are most 'normal' members.

4. Why are ReDink and Tal so obsessed with bananas? Sheesh! It was kinda funny at first, but now it is becoming boring and predictable.
And that constitutes poor management? I mean if they where eating mangos, then things would deteriorate rapidly.

5. Updates are rare.
And who is to blame? The lazy user who never submits something new...

6. Judging by the inordinate amount of Dinkers that speak only a little English, I believe that someone should have the site be accesible in differant languages.
Who would like to translate the site? *waiting for a reaction*