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June 28th, 12:16 PM
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@ Exzcimus:
Problem 1

When viewing text during fade_down();, the text, no matter it's color, will turn white, but the letters look like they were nothing left but white pixel dots. It becomes unreadable. This worked properly in V1.08, but not on freedink.

Fortunately, (if you are making your own dmod) working around this problem is not difficult. To avoid this problem, just avoid expecting players to be able to read any text you put on the screen when the screen is about to be faded down or has already been faded down.

When I want text on a black screen, I often make a screen with all black tiles, fade down, switch to the all black screen, then fade up and show the text I want people to read. If you'd like a code sample of this technique, I'll be happy to insert one into this thread.