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November 17th 2019, 05:34 PM
Peasant Male Poland
Ok, I downloaded the C version and I remembered that I was to check one thing from the very beginning and Dink now "pronounces" Xavier's name properly BUT he is still freezing.

As for checking issue 10: I am happy that I played the game WITH this bug, because this time the magic potion indeed added only +3 to my magic level

As for 12: it wasn't worth checking

But anyway: I finished the game and did not find any new major problems

Overall: the game isn't hard, there is much more antidotes and healing items around than you would actually need. In fact there was only one moment when I desperately needed to use even several antidotes and as you may suspect that was a screen with lots of horribly smelling gas around when I was en routé to the final camping site and then Oshira. I haven't used that Martridge's skill relocating item even once, but I admit that this magic bug made the game extremely easier for me. In normal conditions I would probably not be able to just wander around the whole map so safely.

Anyway: I run out of dmods