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November 17th 2019, 04:17 PM
Peasant Male United States bloop
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 

Issue 9 (to not to copy too much of text):

I tried it several times on different time of day, even few seconds ago, from 2 different saves. Using dink program and freedink as well. Still the same. Everything gets dark, I'm losing control over Dink and he does not re-appear anywhere. Game freezes.

I run the game in debug mode (for some reason the game constantly displays this message: Surface doesn't have a colorkey) and after everything got dark the game did not take Dink anywhere, he stayed on screen 249. I checked the editor and on both screens (249 and 247) there are orange fields, so no idea why it does not work.

But anyway: as for picking gold from screens 247 and 248 - you do not need that star transportation at all. You can pick both by standing close enough on the mud below, so you can remove those stars as well.

Hmmm. I wonder what you are doing differently that causes this problem to occur? I cannot get it to happen at all. Ah well... I'll remove the two red stars and the goodies they provide access to. There is nothing there that is essential to the game.

Issue 10:

Well, it did speed up Dink's spell charging quite significantly And yes, when I picked that potion suddenly Dink's magic level rose to over 250. After picking various other bonuses it is currently at 271, so I own a hellfire machine gun

I'm baffled as to the cause of this, unless you had Dink hit the chest more than once (somehow?), but I inserted some code into a DinkC script that might help. Please test it when you get the 3.00c release of the dmod from this link. If I can't fix it, I'll just use a standard magic potion bottle and script to see if that helps.

Issue 11:

Yup! But it wouldn't be bad if the player would get an information: to camp in a location where a fire is already present - press C.

The text below is included in the dialogue with the leader of the mud people, who offers to tell Dink helpful survival information to support his venturing into the mudflats.
`%NOTE TO PLAYER: The player can press [C] for two reasons: .................................
`%NOTE TO PLAYER: #1 [C]heck to see if natural gaslight in the area makes it safe to camp in.
`%NOTE TO PLAYER: #2 [C]heck to see if the area is safe to camp in using firestones.

Issue 12:

If I would notice only this it wouldn't be a problem, but: after entering the cave on screen 159 Dink says that if he had a light source of some sort he could explore the caves or something like that. And then there is the rat's cave on screen 344 that has a corridor leading to the right, so adding everything together one could think that there is a lantern somewhere and these rat caves could be explored.

I have not play-tested this dmod in a long time, but after thinking about it, I realized that THERE IS a source of light Dink can use, that works in "the cave on screen 159" (to #162) and in the room off "the corridor leading to the right" of "the rat's cave on screen 344" (to #97, the room on the right is #98), though there are other places where the weak light that this light source offers does not help much (typically just inside a cave's mouth). There is also a large place that Dink finds in the endgame where this weak glowing light is a great help. Clearly you are not sure what this item is, or you would not be expressing the concerns you have about lighting. If you looked in walkthru.txt you'd probably know. Do you recall that the leader of the mud people gave Dink a gift to thank him for their rescue from slavery? Try to remember the words of the leader of the mud people when he told Dink what the holy man among the mud people said about a gift.