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November 14th 2019, 03:59 PM
Peasant Male United States bloop
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 
Actually I would be grateful, because the mud area is quite large and it would be useful to at least partially know where am I heading. So if you could send me that new version I would appreciate that.

Ok. I have uploaded the 3.00a version to my google drive; but I deleted it a few minutes ago. (I explain why below.) I'll upload 3.00b in a while.

EDIT: You can now access access 3.00b at this url -> [glitters-v3_00b.dmod].

By the way, 2 fresh things:

5. I don't quite understand how does that clock work - and if correctly. It is visible constantly after I entered the "mudlands", but on some screens I can spend even several real-life minutes without having the clock proceed even for 1 minute, while on the other screens-I can't even stop on them for a moment, because the clock is going forward quite fast: +3, +6, +9 in-game minutes... That's a bit awkward.

As you might guess it is not a REAL clock. No one would want to make game minutes into real minutes. Night would take 8+ hours to fall and morning would 8+ hours or more to bring the sunrise. What is in place is a compromise, of course. That said, I seem to recall you can always enter the inventory management screen to pause the game (and the clock). Perhaps I should have spelled that out somewhere? Anyway, I'll look into this, but I doubt there will be dramatic changes made, if any.

6. This screen (478):
is just a pure hardness mess... nothing is logical here, hardness is present where it should not be and vice versa... I entered it from the east and walked through the yellow line, then I was barely able to leave this place. At least I could blast hellfire in the direction of the red arrow, but not upwards. With the ??? I marked the areas that are illogical to have hardness placed there in relation to the placement of the trees and plants. For example, hardness is present where there is only grass or a graphics of branches that obviously should not be stopping Dink. As for the blue arrow: hardness could be moved up a bit here, because its location is not the same as the base of the tree and the bush nearby.

I'll see what I can do to improve this situation. It looks like the trees have such odd hardness areas under them because some dink.ini lines need to be added for them to have a hardness that is defined (instead of some kind of default hardness assigned by the Dink engine). At the time when I tested, I just accepted the limitation that the default hardness for these created, without thinking about it, but I can see why you might find them troublesome. I'll delete the early dmod build I recently uploaded for your use (v3.00a) until I'm comfortable with the changes I'll make for this and include them in the next build (v3.00b) which I'll upload soon.

Hardness editing is always an awkward compromise and to make matters worse, sometimes hardness does not work the way you think it should. Sigh...