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November 14th 2019, 11:20 AM
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2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 

Ok, so to begin with a similar thread as I made for Before..., the encountered bugs and problems will be listed here.


For now I am following the no-sword and save Mudpeople path.

After writing the bulk of the dmod, I toyed with the idea of the game "forcing" Dink to buy THE sword(Carnifex Maximus), since the sword is so much a fun part of the game later. If you have never played using "the sword", then you may want to do that next. Also, if the game is too difficult without THE sword, then I won't consider that a bug. Rather, it is an encouragement to play again, this time buying THE sword.

1. Beginning with the sword: even if you won't buy it Dink will run into Martridge's house screaming that he bought a sword;

Hmmm. Okay, that is an easily fixed oversight.

2. A small hardness bug on screen 501:

Hmmm. Okay, that seems rather minor, but I think I see what got your attention in the upper left corner. I'll make sure that is not in the next build.

3. If you save your game with the purple stone equipped the spell slot will be empty when you load the game. I also met another interesting bug, but now I am unable to reproduce it: the spells icons were simply stacking one on another as I was equipping them.

There are some issues with the inventory management screen that I have given up on, as long as the player can "fix them". For example, I have discovered that using [kill_this_magic("string[9] script name");] can cause Dink to "drop" his currently armed weapon(Yes, I mean weapon!) at the same time that the magic item disappears from inventory, despite all my efforts to prevent that! So, in my current dmod ("Crowns of Stone" still under development) I ended up at least arming the fist, right before I use [kill_this_magic("string[9] script name");] just because that makes a little more sense during game play. As for your "If you save your game with the purple stone equipped the spell slot will be empty when you load the game." issue, I was unsuccessful in fixing that too and since Dink can always re-arm the magic item in question, I don't consider it a serious problem. But, thanks anyway for bringing it to my attention.

4. An actual problem: the leader of the Mudpeople told me that I should talk to the shopkeeper that sells golden things to get information regarding a better map, but every time I try to enter his castle Dink says that he should not be there after freeing the Mudpeople and stealing the stone and leaves.

Yep, I found out about this one myself recently and have already made changes for the next release to fix this serious bug. If you need me to make a release to Google Drive with this fix in it so that you can continue playing the game, let me know.

Thanks for your ongoing help.