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July 12th 2019, 03:29 PM
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So, what would this accomplish exactly? Would the idea be to just allow people to play minecraft to use a DinkLike world to play in?

it accomplishes doing cool things.

Hmm... We could make some textures and skins that look similar to dink's, (but in Minecraft,they're just a bunch of low-resolution PNGs), if that's what you're saying about a DinkLike world

Remaking the map in 3-dimensional space is going to be difficult. Hypothetically, you are to make an approximation of the height of the mountain seen in the 2D-like topograpchic view in Dink for example. But I can't even think of a way how to put that geometrical figure in a cube world! Like, how many blocks tall is that mountain?

i had actually started making a texture pack using the dink tiles. dunno what happened. i think there was trouble with the paintings which can be high res, i just dunno how the hell to get that shit to work. we approximate by lookin at the map. if we went tile by tile, it'd get a little stupid. likewise why i just randomly placed grass. i did notice that the cliffs are around twice the height of martridge's place and about the same height as the towers of castle goodheart, tho.