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June 29th, 09:30 PM
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the hellsmash series is perfection. it's about a group of demon hunters who, under the watchful eye of their master bill, go on a quest to flip hell upside down.

the first game set the stage flawlessly. third person hack and slash action to its fullest. the upgrade system was pretty good and just about any path you took through your individual skill trees was viable in some way.

the second game is my personal goat. this is where the action really ramped up. it introduced a mechanic where, if you shouted really loudly into your 1200 dollar mlg pro, ultra stereo surround system 8.1 headset (and only this and no other headset is compatible due to the hellboost chip being exclusive to the eponymous hellboost headfones), you could shout demons apart. think the microphone mechanic in the legend of the zelda, but in a good game.

the third game is technically superior in every way, but i will always have fonder memories of the sequel because it was gifted to me by satan himself. what makes this game truly shine is the ability to actually jack your mind into the game. nuff sed

now, don't get me started on the terrible netflix adaptation...