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May 6th 2019, 05:13 AM
Peasant Male Philippines
We'll find you soon, live fresh meat... 
An interesting autobiography doesn't need to tell of a person who lived an exceptional life, or became a public figure of success, or an individual who was widely famous, or a ridiculously filthy rich... thief (which happens to be a kleptomaniac).

Everytime I go to a library or a bookstore, I look for classic philosophy books, I sometimes see biographies about famous people in history. But I know a few people who lived a more challenging and awesome life where in some aspect they have proven themselves more resilient and indefinitely flexible than some of the famous people's living. Although they did not render any influential contributions that could be honored.

However, "autobiographies" are written in a self-styled manner of perception. In that way, we'll be able to understand how they think about things.


Make yours truly an original viewpoint, and it will be interesting.

You don't want to hear mine, bcuz LAYF ZUCKS!!