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May 1st, 12:57 PM
Peasant Male Philippines
We'll find you soon, live fresh meat... 

I've also thought of that. Random threats occurring to your base, called randomly by a timer. But I improved mine, it can be countered by training units as base defenses.

But I've already created an improved system for that, which is pretty much based from what you said.

BTW, I've set Dink into a cursor sprite, and stole a script from a dmod that makes him invincible,(I just don't get how it works).

So this is the system:


You can train a unit in 2 different ways, frontline, or base defender. It depends on the unit on how much base defense power do they contribute. Take note that training units cost gold.

When every time your base (HQ) is attacked, &life decreases. An enemy force is a global called &int, or intruders. So it's a scripted form of attack.

BUT, damage can be prevented by training units as base defenses, which increases a global variable value called &bdu, or base defense units.
&bdu prevents damage taken from randomly called base threats sequences. &bdu values increase every time you train base defenders. As long as you have &bdu, you won't lose some &life. It serves as a defense.

As a matter of fact, nothing is spawned in that "HQ base screen" when base threats are said occurring. So I made the HQ screen unaccessible when "under attack" in order to hide the depressing truth that you really aren't being attacked real-time. So that screen is near to useless crap right now, (well, why did I tell you?).

Example: when you train a base defender, &bdu increases. When indicated that your base is under attack, the &bdu will be subtracted by the value of &int.
The value of &int is random, so you'll depend on luck


&bdu - &int

where &int is the enemy force power, (intruders), while &bdu is the base defense power you have.

No dudes are spawned, just some math and damage.

Sed 2 mutsh