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April 27th 2019, 11:13 AM
Peasant Male Philippines
We'll find you soon, live fresh meat... 
Aren't ya sick of the sloppy, monotonous, inflexible, and exhausting combat system of Dink Smallwood?

Worry no more because your favorite RPG will become an RTS soon!

Sorry, I can't post screenshots yet because I'm currently working on it's scripting. All of the mapping is basic, so a screenshot is unworthy.

I'm working on scripts that make sprites follow dink, or let them stay in place, set a target, activate special abilities, but I need to borrow a lot of scripts from other developers such as the enemy shooting scripts of redink1, and the ability to transfer non player characters,(the allies you train in a certain house in the game), to another screen as seen in DinkCraft. You can also train units but they cost gold, destroy enemy camps and such.

Im always daydreaming on how to make scripts work, then do an experiment about it in the test dmod like trying new stuff and improvisation.

And to mention that "DinkC reference.chm" and "An introduction to DMOD making.pdf" were a BIG help!!

Tech demo won't have a story but will have 1 level of also 1 game mode.