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October 21st 2018, 11:35 AM
Peasant Male
I disagree. 
I've got little carried away with enthusiasm for this, so in order to post thoughts about it, I'll use this thread, instead of intensively spamming to SlipDink's dmod thread.

I wanted to send you a private message, but this way, everyone can join if they want.

The main idea is this... and lets keep it simple:
You wanna store two variables into one &global. What SlipDink tested so far, works. We can easily check the bit at certain position of some number. Like in the example I've given there with Bob, I wanna add another character Charlie. &global can have maximum value of 15 (1111), so 4 bits (for simplicity). Each quest has 4 stages (like in example), so we need 2 independent section of bits for each stage of the quest, and a function, that will change global var accordingly. So

Bob's bits are:
And Charlie's angels... erm bits are:

Due to horrific complications with scripting when using bits only, I'll try to make two functions. First one:
-Takes portion of array that belongs to Charlie or Bob, and compute it into a number which you can use like a global variable.
Second one:
-Turns that number back to bits, and stores it into the portion of array selected, so you don't need another global variable.

This shouldn't be so complex... I think I'm on the good way, but if anyone has ideas improvements...