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June 20th 2018, 09:04 PM
Peasant Male Japan
Yeah, maybe a little javascript pop-up after clicking play, or a "?" info button next to the play could be good to explain the requirements and how to download the native version instead if stuff is slow/broken.

If something freezes up, it's probably due to a program crash/assertion - if you bring up the javascript console in your browser it will often give the reason/error code. (in Chrome, it's More Tools->Developer tools) It might be the browser just refusing to allocate any more memory.

Does Beuc's web port may run better? ( ) I wouldn't be surprised, HD uses OpenGL 1.X surfaces pretty heavily to squeeze better performance out of old iOS/Android devices, but it doesn't translate that great to webgl as it requires an emulation compile setting.

Oh, if you can get into the HD options, there is a "show FPS" button, that might give you an idea of why text is missing and such, I assume hardware acceleration is failing and it's like 3 FPS or something.

EDIT: Huh, this DMOD (All that glitters) crashes on me during the opening intro scene too, so I don't think that is connected to computer speed, more likely an HD bug being triggered. Will check it out