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Reply to two questions about maps and scripts

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April 6th 2018, 10:42 AM
Question one: is there a way to attach a script to a map tile in code, like you can for monsters? ... i know you can from the editor [b] and that's fine, but then it's a always say screen 16..
if not thought of this work around

thought of having a always running script to remedy this that simply counts screens, and runs "something" every rnd(10) or so screens, i'm sure you all follow me here so not going to put the code for that ..

The other question is concerning porting in map files ...

i haven't used windows in a long ass time, and i use /usr/share/ dose windows use \windows\system ... talking about the direction of slashes not the content ...

because i was trying to port in map tiles from other maps like it says it can do... but it just sits there if i try to import... *works from same map*

so i thought maybe it's looking for the other slash, but i tried both ways ...

-- and now i have a third question

So i just had a thought about hardness ... if i copy in a map tile ... it's hardness will be set to the same as it's NEW map correct ?