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2018-04-04 18:01:15
oh ya i am a Debian user my self sparky linux testing with enlightenment 22.3 i think ... ..... and wine is all great and fine .... however ... I have an ssd ... and calling in 2 gb of depends for wine ... is not something i currently want to do ..

But good to know that wine works for it .. i thought of using wine for win_dink

but then thought i already have the tools here ... so no need... have a rather slow internet connection here as well ... capped at 130 KB/s no that's not an error ...

i know how to use wine .... i have many times ... personally i prefer using
q4wine, rather then typing in all the wine commands .... prefixes can get tricky when you get a lot of them .... and a lot of windows programs need there own special prefix to work without errors

i stopped using wine .... a while back when my hd broke down and got replaced with the ssd ...
but i mean anything i ever tried worked ... i mean you need to tinker a bit ... almost always .... but wine is rather good now .. i remember version .1