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November 15th 2017, 12:15 AM
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Make sure deleted threads are set to "hidden". Spam is annoying, but the staff-members are doing a great job to keep it at a minimum.

Wow. I just put deleted messages on (I generally have them turned off) and there's so much spam. Didn't even realise. I've only seen one spam thread this whole year, so the staff really is doing a great job deleting them. Is there any way this situation could be helped at all? I'm not sure how the post deleting works on the site, but if there's any way to make it simpler for the staff, it should be added. Was thinking if there could be a way to just completely remove posts instead of just "hiding" them behind the deleted messages? And since many of the spam posts seem to be coming from the same accounts, would it be possible to make it so once an account has gotten enough posts removed, the account would automatically get completely terminated? I'm sure it would help the staff at least a tiny bit.

On a completely different subject, just popped into my mind that the new "Downloads" feature on the D-Mods' pages really should have "since August 21st" added to them. Also, this would be a really good chance to also change the D-Mods that say they were released in 1990, to just say their release date is unknown. That seems to come up every few years and cause a bit of confusion amongst some people.